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IBCoM: CM2052

Final pitch schedule

The pitch/presentations take place on Friday, 09.11.2012 in T3-35. NOT G Building! Schedule: 1:00-1:20pm T7 1:20-1:40pm T3 1:40-2:00pm T10 2:00-2:20pm T4 2:20-2:40pm T1 2:40-3:00pm T9 3:00-3:20pm T8 3:20-3:40pm T2 3:40-4:00pm … Continue reading

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Here are some explanations for some definitions in either the Project Phase or Project Plan. 1) Be global = can it work globally or expand to a global market 2) … Continue reading

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Team 5: Part 3 – Business Plan

 List of platforms that we are going to use with a short description –       Our core platform will be three interactive books. It will tell a story about Milton the … Continue reading

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Team 7 Business Plan (In Progress)

Our main medium is film, where we will turn Nikki French’s novel Blue Monday into a movie of the psychological thriller genre. In order to get financing for the film … Continue reading

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Group work 4: Business Model

Part 1 Find an interesting startup (TM campaign by a company) and breakdown what you think their biz model is. Try to find startups working in the TM or interactive … Continue reading

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Group work 2 -TOOLS

Step 1: INDIVIDUAL: Find ONE interactive storytelling tool that help enhance interactivity and audience building. Post on blog. Ongoing work: No deadline, keep posting as you find new tools. Step … Continue reading

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Team 5: Storytelling tools

STORYTELLING TOOLS : The storytelling tools will be integrated with our core medium, the book (First book). It will be exercises/activities that the kids can make themselves or together with … Continue reading

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Team 2: Space Mikky On His Way! (step 3)

Step 3 For the new campaign of Milkyway we are going to use several platforms: smartphones (apps), Internet (online video games) and television (animation programs). We are also going to … Continue reading

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Team 1: Business Plan Part 3

Once upon a time there were… A Red Bull and a Monkey King. Two weeks ago, we analyzed the business model of Red Bull. What we found out about their … Continue reading

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Team 10: update

Up until now, we have met up a couple of times to discuss our transmedia project. This week we want to finish answering the questions on the sheet we got … Continue reading

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Group 8 – Startup Project “MyiFli”

MyiFli – Digital Advertising Within the business world, branding means everything. Companies that are involved in the media industry have a wide range of other companies they rival with.  Because … Continue reading

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Lyza Rammo 333305, Elisa van der Linden 356765, Daniel van Vliet 357005, Chloe Boekaar 358299   Lonelygirl15 – the business model   Introduction For this exercise we had to look … Continue reading

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