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Team 10 Transmedia Franchise Proposal

We choose to build a transmedia franchise on the program ‘Take me Out’. Take me out is basically a dating-show, in which every episode a guy has to present himself to a jury of 30 ladies, in a total of 3 rounds. Each round he will reveal something about himself after which the girls can choose to leave the light on – which means they like him- or put it off.
Round 1 is based on looks. The guy will only reveal his name, age and where he is from. In round 2, the guy is free to do whatever he wants, he can show a little clip, perform something, talk about his pet.. Then, in the third round, Take me Out has the participants friends and family say something about them. After these rounds, the girls that are left will have to compete by answering a question, and the guy gets to choose one lady to go on a date with.

Take me Out has been very succesful in the Netherlands, and is also shown in -inter alia- Indonesia, Denmark, Japan, China and Britain:

Take me Out

The main medium for this transmedia story was TV, seeing as ‘Take me Out’ originally is a television programme. To support the program, its interactivity level and its popularity, three media extensions will be created. Firstly, a series of webisodes about the programme’s participants will be produced. Each week a show in which the participants will be followed on their date and couples that got together thanks to ‘Take me Out’ will be visited, will be available online. Also, a mobile game application will be made that allows for viewers to bet on certain participants. One can for example bet on who will get together in the end, or how many lights will still be on after the first round. By doing so, players will earn points. Then, to stimulate the program’s ultimate goal: to help people find relationships, a special Take me Out- social network shall be set up. Here, viewers can get in touch with participants of the show and other viewer, to eventually work as a dating-website.

The reason we want to expand on the Take me Out show is because we think it could be very easily made into a succes. Take me Out has already proven to be succesful, but this businessplan will make the show more interactive, fun, and therefore more attractive to watch.

By Ashlynn ALco Yeong, Sydney Miller, Wally Ahmady and Vivian Toemen


5 comments on “Team 10 Transmedia Franchise Proposal

  1. sandraiwendell
    September 26, 2012

    You said you think this expansion easily will be made into a success, why is that? Who is your target audience and why will this project appeal to them? It is very difficult to say whether this has potential or not since I do not know which audience you try to reach or who actually watch ‘Take me out’. E.g. why do you think they will actually appreciate making bets on viewers? If you have not looked into this, it could be a good thing to do 🙂

  2. Pol Bordàs
    September 27, 2012

    I like the idea of the webisodes! Actually it’s hard to believe that they haven’t thought of showing the dates between the participants. In fact in the spanish TV show “Mujeres y hombres y viceversa” (Women and men and viceversa), another dating tv show with a different format, the clips about their dates are the most popular part of the show.
    I don’t really get the mobile app, though. Real-time betting on how many lights will be on after each round? Is that what you suggest?
    To finish with, the dating network is a brilliant idea, considering the purpose of the program and the level of interaction with the audience that can be reached with that. In fact, maybe the dating social network would work too independently from the original tv show, which could be inconvenient marketingwise.

  3. Lyza Sebaihi
    September 27, 2012

    I think that Take me Out is very interesting since it is only yet a tv show. However, instead of the betting you guys could maybe design something like a dating platform where you fill in your personality and you get a selection of potential partners.
    Furthermore I agree with Pol since I am not quite sure how the betting will go, maybe you can implement voting instead of betting and involve the crowd in making the decision..

  4. Emmy Bruijstens
    September 28, 2012

    Hi guys!
    I really like how you came up with Take Me Out for a transmedia franchise. I think the TV show is really funny and I always thought it was a pity that they did not expand more on the actual dates the participants had afterwards, and the outcomes. So I think it would be a good idea!
    I also like the idea that you want to make it more interactive by letting people bet, only as Pol and Lyza said, how will you make this happen? There should then also be some reward for the people who bet, what do they gain from this?
    Lastly, I think the social dating network would be a really good idea, and might be really succesful. Especially because normally people might feel awkward going on a dating website and do not really know what to expect, I think this might be a much more fun option (also because here I assume the main target audience is quite young).
    Good luck!

  5. Charlotte Caspers
    September 28, 2012

    I am wondering how you can expand this show any further? since it is allready a pretty interactive show.. how are you planning to expand this show?
    I also wonder how you can make this show a transmedia product since the show does not really involve a story.. it is based on an activity that is happening not a story!

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