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IBCoM: CM2052

Froose – A Transmedia Franchise Concept (Team 5)


Company chosen: Froose (

Product chosen: Froose’s beverages and snacks

 (Taken from the Froose Website – Section ‘Who we are?’

‘The Froose team is a group of like –minded parents and parents-to-be that effect consumer connection and touch points from multigenerational perspectives (Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Millenials) that converge on the same passionate commitment to focus on better nutrition for young children by providing solutions that fit families’ needs so that the beverages and snacks will be enjoyed and useful.  We take the lead in improving what’s there or creating what’s not. ‘ (, 2012)

Why did we chose Froose?

 Our team intends to create a transmedia experience around the array of products that Froose offers which we believe that are healthy and targeted to children and parents. We believe that healthy products should become more important to parents, children and the society and by doing a transmedia experience together with Froose we believe this can be possible.

Before starting to think about the project we want to do, we decided to become more familiar with the Company and the products Froose offer. Therefore we have done a very simple version of a SWOT analysis and gathered information about Froose’s products. The source of our information is from Froose’s website. If additional sources have been used these are mentioned. (The SWOT analysis is not on here)

–       What is the premise of the project; the core in a nutshell?

The initiative in collaboration with Froose is to expand the awareness and practice of healthy living especially for the young generation. This entails incorporating a number of media products into the brand image and identity of Froose. For example,  the idea is to analyse our target audience and from this analysis come to a conclusion on what outlets one should focus on when creating these products. The products would entail Short Television Advertisements and additional information on the packaging for parents, but the main focus would be on interactive elements through the internet, heavily  focusing on bringing interactive knowledge through micro games with a base of characters that create new challenges for our customers to complete. This element would uphold the idea of keeping the children informed about healthy diet and nutrition.

–       What is the USP (Unique Selling Point)?

The USP of Froose is definitely the proven gluten-free ingredients and the excessive fibre to help boost child’s metabolism and growth. These are two very positive factors that are included in the ingredients of the product, this linked with a Moose mascot that seems to give an entertaining edge to the ‘world of Froose’ which makes the product more attractive to the younger generation, especially if the product is being put forward by the parents.

–       What is the fundamental purpose? To entertain? To teach or to market a product?

The fundamental purpose of the product is to entertain, teach and be appropriately marketed by entailing all these elements through the creation of a transmedia environment among young ones and their parents.

–       More on what we intend todo!

Before we start to make a transmedia project for Froose, we believe that we have to look into the target audience for Froose’s products and get to know them a little bit more.

We believe that Froose has two target audiences 1) Parents (mothers) 2) children. Even though the products are made for kids, and designed as such, we believe that the parents carefully buy these products due to its quality and its natural ingredients therefore we put them as first. We believe that it is important for a parents to care about their children’s health and be aware of issues that would naturally attract them to this brand.

All in all as a primary step, to introduce this we find this product/project has a good base of customers and an appropriate mission to create a transmedia environment around it. Therefore we think that forming several media concept /products around this brand can boost its market share in the industry and also provide incremental knowledge to parents and children on how to be and stay aware on the topics of healthy diet and nutrition. We see to accomplish this task by creating products that incorporate information on the brand and its products but at the same time teach you about its ingredients and about general practices on how to stay healthy and what to watch out for.

Hope you enjoyed reading about Froose!

Thank you for your attention and comments!

Ana, Armen and Sandra!


4 comments on “Froose – A Transmedia Franchise Concept (Team 5)

  1. Jamilla
    September 28, 2012

    Nice idea! I like the idea of making children more aware of health and nutrition from a young age, and educating the parents also plays a major role in this process. I am very much looking forward to seeing which media platforms you are going to use, what your narrative will be and which characters you will come up with to teach the children and parents about the brand and nutrition.
    Connecting values such as health to a brand with snack and beverages is a good idea and I believe it will create a loyal consumer base if you do it well.

    – Jamilla

  2. Ashlynn Yeong Ting Yan
    September 28, 2012

    I think it is a good a idea to work on a F&B company with healthy recipe as the issue concerning health is igniting these days. I think it will be a good idea if you can suggest to make a cartoon with the characters in Froose. Although parents are the decision maker (who choose buy or not to buy), kids serves a crucial role in influencing their parents. I am not sure about the European culture whether kids influence parents a lot, but it does happen in Asia. Thus, I think the transmedia extension can be added some small cartoon clips on TV or even the youtube to arouse kids’ interest and made them love the characters resulting in telling their parents about Froose. In addition, cognitive information can be provided for the parents like recipe of different dishes that can be made by their company’s product, some healthy tips or even a forum on the website to keep them visit daily.

  3. Jean Paul Levier
    September 28, 2012

    Conrete and realistic proposal for a transmedia campaign aimed at retaining and reaching customers. Health is a societal issue at the center of most peoples thoughts or it should be. This proves just how well-thought this concept is. I really like how your idea creates a new and distinct relationship with the consumer. Just be sure to choose channels well, use ones that are closely related to your target audience and that should prove to be more effective. Im excited to hear more! good luck guys.

  4. Victoria
    October 3, 2012

    I agree with Jean Paul that you have to choose the channels well and the story which you want to tell should be serious, otherwise your target group has the wrong impression about Froose. Don‘t forget that Froose works also with non-profit organizations. You can also include these companies and you can ask schools and kindergarten to make coperations. You can think about gift bags to test the products or campaigns in schools.

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