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Potential Transmedia Succes Stories in Three Different TV-Shows

Regarding the ideas for our final transmedia project, we came up with three ways to expand three TV-Shows. 

Our first choice is the TV series ‘Suits’, which is mainly about two lawyers and the firm they work at. The series only has two seasons so far, but is very popular. Therefore, we saw great potential in it to become a transmedia production. We have thought of different extensions. One could be a clothingline of suits they wear in the show to be sold in stores. Furthermore, books could be published, with stories (lawsuits) that could stand on themselves, but give some more detail to the general story and thus provides more details as additional background for the TV series. Another extension could be an alternative reality game, in which the participants can download an app, which tells them where to go to find a virtual clue that could help them win the lawsuit they are doing in the game. For example, they have to go to the Euromast in the real world, to unlock a document in the virtual world that can help them win the lawsuit they are working in the virtual game. There are more extensions we have thought of, but I will keep it short.

Our second choice is the TV show ‘Runningman’. Runningman is a Korean variety show that has been very popular in Asia after being introduced two years ago. The participants are divided into two groups, which both have their own missions. That can be seeking and tearing the nametag of the other group, but many more things as well. The groups have to complete their mission to win. This show has not been advertised through transmedia yet. What we can do is explore more possibilities, such as introduce a video game. As the hosts, which are a fixed cast of people, have different characteristics that have already been shown in the show, we can modify them a bit into different categories, just like what Mario Kart did. The audience can then choose their favourite one and play the show by themselves. Another extension can be an official channel for blogging and serving as a real-time chat-room for the audience to participate. We can also engage the audience more by having a mission that involves the participation of them. Furthermore, the show can be presented into documentaries which record behind-the-scene moments of every host, or a movie that provides a story as background, with a larger shooting location, but using the same rules of the TV show.

Our last idea is the TV dating show ‘Take me Out’. It is a dating show which was aired on television in several countries including the Netherlands. We thought this would be a good example since it was not advertised through transmedia stories, there were just a couple of advertisements for the show to get contestants. We wanted to expand with blogs containing post-date information from the contestants. We wanted to use two kinds of apps, one with dating tips and one with date suggestions. Also we would like the contestants to twitter during their dates so the viewers could see on twitter how the date is going. We would like to create webisodes containing dating tips but also webisodes where we interview couples after the date to ask about their date experience and to see if they were still together. Also we would like to add a book with date suggestions. With these different platforms we would extend the story that is told during the programme and give different perspective for the audience to become a fan of the program.

With these three ideas we hope to make a succesful transmedia product. Let us know which one you think has the most potential and pitch any other creative ideas to help us go ever further!

By: Evelien de Smedt, Robin Alkemade, Arnold Yu and Shelley Barendregt


7 comments on “Potential Transmedia Succes Stories in Three Different TV-Shows

  1. Manon van den Berg
    September 27, 2012

    Hi Evelien, Robin, Arnold and Shelley,
    you have great ideas, however I feel like the Tv Series is more limited than e.g. a book, because the different episodes usually tell different stories about one and the same person.
    The dating show seems very doable, since you can also come up with an online game people can play just for fun or for the more socially awkward people among us. Also, you can make a behind the scenes in which you shed a light on girls and boys preparing for their dates attracting different types of audiences (e.g. girls who are interested in make up tips).
    I’m very curious which one you’re going to pick!
    Good luck!


    • Chloe Boekaar
      September 27, 2012

      Hey guys! I agree with Manon that you have made it difficult by choosing TV Shows, but it is definitely interesting on how you will turn it all into a transmedia franchise. For the Korean show, I was wondering if you were going to make it a global transmedia franchise or keep it in Asia? If you are going to make it an international transmedia franchise, how will you do so and how will you attract/target a more western audience?

  2. Lisanne van Beurden
    September 27, 2012

    Hi Evelien, Robin, Arnold and Shelley!
    I really liked the idea for ‘Take me out’ as I thought the show was very entertaining and I think it is a creative and unique idea for a transmedia product. I think audiences and consumers are always interested in other peoples ”love-lives” and like to take a peek. So, it is a smart idea to let them twitter about their dates.
    I also liked the idea of ‘Suits’, I have watched it a few times, but do not know if there is a constant storyline. If it is the case that every episode tells different stories about one and the same person like Manon said, it may be difficult to make it a transmedia product. However, I think it is a unique idea to create a clothing line and the alternative realitygame. Perhaps you can also make a special website for ‘Suits’ to give people more inside information about the character or more tips/clues for the people who are playing the virtual game.
    For the ”Runningman” show you also showed some good ideas, however this one I did not like as much as the other choices. Maybe because I have never heard of this show before. Therefore it would indeed be a good idea to promote the show more in western countries like Chloe asked.
    Good luck guys!


  3. Isabelle
    September 28, 2012

    I really like your last idea of the TV dating show ‘Take me Out’. I have seen the show myself and do think it is a funny and interesting idea to expand as a transmedia text! I didnt know the show was aired in more countries than the Netherlands, which ones exactly were they aired in and was it the same exact show being aired in these countries or the same idea but an extension which was altered for those specific countries? Would you then have seperate blogs for each country, same with apps etc? I like the two app ideas as there are always people interested in the topic and looking for advice. Also with the ideas of twitter and episodes you introduce another side to this series which is more about advice on how to date which I think is really good and will gain a lot more viewers and fans!

  4. Elisa van der Linden
    September 28, 2012

    Hi guys!
    I googled the tv-show ‘suits’, and to me it seems like they do have a constant storyline. I really liked your idea of the alternative reality game, which makes it very original and it gives consumers an unique experience. However, I was wondering if you want to create an universal game or separate ones (per country)? Because an universal game would be a lot harder if you want to include real life action.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Ashlynn Yeong Ting Yan
    September 28, 2012

    I do like the idea of “Running Man”. It’s really popular over Asia. I think the game show is literally interesting and is made fastidiously. I think it would be a good idea if the audience can also participate in the game (As I know that the show will be held outside South Lorea sometimes). official channel for blogging can generate more engagement between the fans and the characters in the show. For the video game, I think it could just target on a niche market as people but it may arouse somebodies interest on Running Man when they haven’t watched the show.

  6. Charlotte Caspers
    September 28, 2012

    I think your idea of suits is really good! you chose different ways to expand it and I think it could really become a succesfull transmedia product.. if I were you I would go for that one, because I think your other options are less strong in comparison with ‘suits’ sounds really good!

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