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The Transmedia legend of the Monkey King [Team One]

Our transmedia franchise will be based upon an upcoming new jewellery brand called Monkey King. This brand sells bracelets made with 100% natural semi-precious stones. Monkey King bracelets are made out of ten different types of stones, that are told to have their special effect on mind and body. All the stones are 100% natural, which makes every stone unique. We would like to use transmedia to market the Monkey King collection. The narrative core of our story will be the source of the brand’s name, which is one of the four Great Classical Novels of Chinese Literature, Journey to the West. It is a story about a monkey who was born out of a stone egg. The story of Journey to the West, which was written in the 16th century, is very popular in Asia and has been used in movies, TV series, comic books, console games, theatre plays and so on, up until today. However, none of these adaptations of the story had transmedia extensions and most creations are made for the Eastern-Asian market. We want to create a story world that will bring some of the Eastern spirituality into our Western lives.

The main media text will be an adventure TV series, based on the Journey to the West book, about the Monkey King. During the series we want him to encounter 10 other characters that personify the 10 different types of stones that are used for the bracelets; characters that portray the special abilities the stones are meant to have. There will also be extra story lines and important events that will revolve around the Monkey King ‘Specials’ collection (bracelets made with different sets of stones and other beads).

For the transmedia extension we have several ideas. First of all, we would like to create an App game for smartphones where the player is in Monkey King’s shoes and has to get him through different quests to learn new skills and unlock secret powers. Between the different levels there could be short clips, introducing the 10 different ‘stone type’ characters and giving them more of a background story. Also, we would like to create an interactive website where people could, for example, do a quiz that shows which character/type of stone suits their personality best and also an interactive map of the story world. This website will also be directly connected to the webshop. Furthermore, we could extend the brand by opening Monkey King Asian cuisine restaurants and Monkey King sports centers for martial arts in order for the customer to live the full Monkey King experience.

We want Monkey King jewellery and media to stand for uniqueness, strength and the Monkey King’s quest for enlightenment, yet refrain from being too ‘floaty’. Our message is to be aware of everything we have and to enjoy it to the fullest. 


By team one – Selma, Mathilde, Karim and Jamilla




4 comments on “The Transmedia legend of the Monkey King [Team One]

  1. Emmy Bruijstens
    September 28, 2012

    Hi guys!
    I really like your idea of expanding on the jewelry brand and I think because it’s not only media but also an actual product, it is a very original idea!
    However, what kind of jewelry brand is it exactly? Is it very expensive, because it has the special kinds of stones? Or is it more available for everyone? Because this can have an influence on what kind of audience you will attract.
    Because your ideas for the TV show sound like it’s more for children, considering it’s about a monkey, so an animation show. So what exactly is your target audience for this?
    Furthermore, I think your ideas for the whole ‘Monkey King Experience’, only considering the fact that your starting point is a jewelry brand, maybe a restaurant might be a bit far off, I think there the connection might be too little for people to really see it as one story. But I am excited about your ideas, good luck!

  2. Sydney Miller
    September 30, 2012

    Team One,

    I agree with Emmy. I think that you need to select a traget audience for your franchise.

    Personally I think that a good target audience would be children. Maybe instead of a TV series you guys could create webisodes on your website that you can unlock with codes that you receive with the bracelets. Users can register on your website and create their own Avatars. From there, by watching and unlocking webisodes (only accessible with an access code that comes with the bracelet) they can generate points. This turns the concept into a kind of game.

    With these webisodes you can also inspire children to do good as well as expose them to a more eastern way of thinking. That way, they are becoming more cultural at a younger age.

    I think you guys have a very original idea. With this idea, I really feel like you can utilize the web 2.0 and even use it for the greater good of humanity. However, like I said above you need to pick out your demographic and move forward from there.

    Keep it up.


    Sydney Miller

  3. Sofia Z Berkhout
    October 1, 2012

    Hi guys,

    your idea is really nice and seems pretty original to me. I think Sydney’s idea is nice but do not think that you should limit yourself to children or one target audience. I think one of the nice things about transmedia franchises is that you can use the different mediums to target different audiences, like the example of The Amazing Spiderman in our reading, where they made different comics for girls (more romantic), different for kids etc.

    Good luck with your project

  4. Ghezal (@Ghezallie)
    October 3, 2012

    Team one I think you guys have one of the most creative idea. This way the story behind the brand gets more emphasis. I think you have to keep your audience broad, but I do agree with Emmy that you should look at what kind of status the audience has (rich/poor/working class). I think this is important because each audience is attracted to different kind of storytelling. I wish you guys a lot of luck!

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