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WWF – expanding with transmedia (team 6)


WWF (World-wide Fund for Nature) is known for its active involvement in saving endangered species. This organization is strictly non-profit and depends on donations and sponsors. Most of their operations deal with outreaches or issues aimed at preserving, conserving and restoring the environment. However, to keep on doing their work, we want to reach a wider range of people, and hopefully attract more sponsors and donors.

In order to do so, we want to create a transmedia campaign to reach a wider range audience. The USP in our case is to maintain a close relationship with the donors as to foster new and stronger relationships between the organization and the audience. Moreover, we specifically want to create a bond between the audience and the (adopted) animals. We want to create the feeling that they are apart from donors, also contributors on saving endagered species.

Since WWF is dependent on donations, we want to create a temporary social media campaign as a means to attract a wider audience. However, if donors request to follow the animals lives they will still be able to. Note that only the social media campaigns will be temporary. The reason for this is so that a certain storyline is created in order to create more involvement between the donator and the animal that they are sponsoring. This storyline is characterized by the fostering of an interactive relationship between the donor and the animal being sponsored (the story is the animals life).

The main purpose of this campaign is to generate buzz and awareness online around WWF and what they stand for with the hope of attracting more donators. We have come up with some ideas to actively engage people with WWF and make them aware of what WWF does.

One of these ideas is to use social media as a platform to actively engage the audience with WWF and promote the brand. This will hopefully increase awareness and in turn increase the number of donators.

We also want to give our audience the opportunity to choose an animal they would wish to help or adopt. If people would donate to save the polar bear for example, they will get regular updates on the bear location or current situation and get the chance to find out where their money is actually going.

We would update the donator with GPS statuses and pictures. With “smaller” animals, it would also be possible to “adopt” them, name it and be responsible for all its costs. The donor will be send regular diary updates (for example on its recovery or growing process) and pictures of the Kiwi. This experience is beneficial for both audience and donors because you get to see what is happening and become part of the process.

Furthermore, we would like to start a (temporary) campaign on Facebook in which each 500 likes is worth saving an endangered species somewhere in the world.  This will be made possible by partnering up with a company that is willing to sponsor this project by donating a specific amount per 500 likes.

This action is being filmed and you can watch it on YouTube. Regular updates on your sponsored animal will lead to an increased engagement and hopefully more enthusiasm for the participants.

Furthermore we are thinking on making a competition on the website of WWF. People can share their own storys about how the saved a animal. The competitor which has the best success story judged by votes and winner gets to fly out and see their pet.

Moreover, we feel that TV commercials and newspaper ads would help to spread the word about what WWF now offers to prospective donors. Ads on radio channels such as NPR in the US might be useful to reach more socially responsible members of society. WWF is already a well established brand and is thus well known by most people around the globe. But with the chance to actually see where your money goes you are offered a different and more interactive experience. Its not just putting money in a jar, its saving lives.


Thanks for your time, we welcome and appreciate comments!


Team 6 – Jean Paul, Soumaya, Mimi, Victoria.Image




5 comments on “WWF – expanding with transmedia (team 6)

  1. Shelley Barendregt
    September 30, 2012

    Hi Jean Paul, Soumaya, Mimi and Victoria.
    First of all, I would like to say that I think your idea is very creative! Instead of choosing an already existing media product, you went with a cause that aims to improve matters in the world.
    As for the effectiveness of the proposed transmedia product: I believe it will definitely provide a boost in raising awareness and reviving the WWF a bit. Most people know about the WWF and have seen their commercials, but are not donating their money to them. Personally, I know my money would be used wisely by this organization, but I am still not inclined to become a donator for some reason. Providing an interactive experience by letting people follow ‘their’ animal can, in my opinion, attract a considerable amount of new donators. After all, it makes it more fun, and people often find it pleasant to see where their money is going.
    Although I think the concept is great, I do wonder whether the tracking of the animals is feasible. For example, how would you get their location for the GPS statuses? Chipping them would go against the principles of the WWF, and having someone follow them or anything would require a person to dedicate the majority of their time to it. Did you already thought of how to bring your ideas into practice?
    For now, the idea of bringing social media into the picture and making it more fun for people to join the cause seems a very good and creative idea to me. Well done 🙂

  2. Veronica Åkerblad
    October 1, 2012

    Nice idea guys! I have to say that it is a “courageous” decision to go for an NGO like WWF and create a transmedia story for them, as at first I was wondering what projects would be feasible? Because I have to agree with Shelley on the feasibility of the tracking of the animals for the sake of the donors – how will this be done? Where will the money and time come from to track these animals? Can´t this money and time be spent “more wisely”? I totally understand where you guys are coming from, as it is something cool for the donor that they can see how their adopted animals are doing, but feasibility… Maybe you could track a few different animals and make webisodes out of them – this way the donors can in a certain way see how the animals are profiting from their donations, and it is a way to show potential donors what is done with donations. Especially with webisodes, they can be easily spread over the social media. I especially like your “social media approach”, as social media is something omnipresent. By having, for example webisodes and kakhiel-inspired pictures*, WWF can be easily shared over social media and awareness for this NGO can be increased. All in all, I like the ideas and your choice of NGO, so good luck!

    * For the Dutch among us: Look “kakhiel” up on Facebook. It´s a person who puts funny dialogues in text bubbles in pictures. Very popular among Dutch youth (with neary 74.000 likes on Facebook) – maybe this can be a success for WWF as well, having funny dialogues between animals?

  3. Bilal Kabdani
    October 2, 2012

    Guys, fantastic idea to pick WWF, as mentioned before in the comments above, quite courageous of you guys to pick a non-profit organisation! I also love the ideas that you posted, I think however you could have exploited one specific aspect a little bit more, which is using ‘regular people’ to spread awareness. One could do this for example by setting up a competition, in which the winner gets a trip to see the endangered species of the Orangutan in Borneo for example! The people would have to post a story, write a poem, make an inspiring picture or something similar, post it on a website and the post with the most ‘likes’ (or a similar system) wins. This way, people will spread their post among social media and other ways, other people will become aware of the competition, the purpose and WWF of course; this way more donations can be realized with a relatively low amount of effort by WWF.

    Besides that, great job!

  4. Ghezal (@Ghezallie)
    October 3, 2012

    Team 6 I agree with the rest that the idea is original! I love all your ideas, just one thing worries me and Veronica Åkerblad already mentioned it, Money.
    It costs a lot of money to make a reality tv of animals, I think it will even disturb their life. But I do have a solution for you guys. Maybe every three months (or once a year) let your audience vote on which animal deserves a reality tv show. The one with the most votes win. Of course you should tell the story of the animal, this way you know what attracts your audience more and it also saves money, because you don’t have to make a reality tv for each animal. For the polls you can easily use social media. I hope this helps you guys a bit and good luck 😉

  5. Mimi Bezooijen
    October 5, 2012

    Hey guys, thanks alot for the great comments! Indeed there are still a lot of “technical” issues to be fixed with our idea. However, in response to the tracking, WWF already chips a lot of endangered animals such as gorillas and whales to gain more knowledge about their behavior. Transforming this information into “entertainment” information for the donators will not be hard. As to Veronica’s idea, we did consider making short clips of how the animals are doing, since this will probably be very interesting for a lot of people to see. We are also looking at other ways of engaging the donators, like Bilal said, but we are not sure if we want to go with voting yet, since it raises a moral question.

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