Transmedia Entertainment & Marketing

IBCoM: CM2052

Group 8 – Startup Project “MyiFli”

MyiFli – Digital Advertising

Within the business world, branding means everything. Companies that are involved in the media industry have a wide range of other companies they rival with.  Because of all the competition, media companies need to set themselves apart in order to create a name for them. Through promotion and marketing these companies – particularly startup companies – try to find way to differ from others. This essay will explore the startup advertising company MyiFli, their marketing plan and especially their business goals that will try and make their company a successful one.


The company MyiFli is an advertising company that focuses on advertising through mobile phones – smartphones in particular – and any standard resolution screen. The company creates an ‘iFli’ for you. iFli is a mobile flyer which you can access by using several gateways: through email, text, Twitter, or the QR code; the barcode or dotted image which you scan with your mobile phone. According to the website, each mobile flyer contains links to your website, direct touch dialing, and links to any other site or social media location that you wish. MyiFli gained attention after the Irish Time had a Digital Challenge for emerging media businesses, in which the company became a finalist.

            Their business goal is for MyiFIi to be used for several mobile marketing purposes; lead generation and target marketing. Lead generation is where the target is an unknown audience, while pursuing applicable prospects and constructing your CRM. One can login through their favored social media website or SMS or email. Here a QR code would be used to the ifli on printed content, or a location based text message with a landing page and a short URL. Target marketing, however is where known prospects are targeted through SMS or social media sites which provides precise and attention grabbing content according to the targets interests, where a lot of action for further purchasing is used. Here, a short URL in a message is used which users can instantly click and access.

The platform adopted by MyiFli is a digital platform focusing on the mobile world. They try to incorporate many finds of digital media while just focusing on the mobile devise. With the facility to access a variety of digital media such as social networks, email, text, information flyer and a lot more it gives the audience a buffet of choices and increases the chances of involvement. MyiFli tries to create a whole digital experience for the targeted audience through the widespread use of various digital media. The design of the platform is such that it helps not only attract specific audience but also help in lead generation. MyiFli had adopted the Release Strategy two. We can clearly notice the first two steps correlating with the strategy of MyiFli. MyiFli helps other companies to approach large groups of audience in order to create awareness. By using specific social media such as facebook and twitter, and also having the facility to add the URL of a website on the iFli, it enables the company to convert the casual audience to hardcore audience. The funding in this case is sponsored as the company is paying for all the marketing. There is no sign of crowd funding or presence of audience paid content. MyiFli is a great example of extensive use of digital media in order to create buzz within the target audience.


Thus we can say that the startup company MyiFli focuses on advertising through mobile phones and their goal is to be used for several mobile marketing purposes; lead generation and target marketing. It tries to create a whole digital experience for the targeted audience by using a wide variety of digital media. In doing this it also helps other companies to reach large audiences. Nowadays, focusing on mobile phones and digital media is a smart choice, since most of the target groups are intensively using these media. MyiFli, as a startup company thus made a good choice in their business goal on what to focus on and this makes them quite a successful startup company.




The Irish Times. (2012, 07 10). MyiFli – Instant mobile webpages. Retrieved 10 18, 2012, from MyiFli:


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