Transmedia Entertainment & Marketing

IBCoM: CM2052


Here are some explanations for some definitions in either the Project Phase or Project Plan.

1) Be global = can it work globally or expand to a global market

2) What is Eco system= What is already out there about your product

3) What is user narrative?=  Basically what the people are getting. E.g. educational  and interactive book + beverages

4) What do you mean with presenting business models & why? E.g. funding strategies, branding etc. Can overlap with other sub-headlines.

5) What is Social strategy? Social things that is NOT on the Internet. E.g. WOM, e.g. school trips, events, role play

6) What is a pov? = point of view

7) What adds tension to the experience? Are there any ticking clocks? = what is the thing that is going to explode. E.g. joker will take world if you do not finish his game. or e.g. “Get the book before vook sells out”

8) Overview of phasing = What are our phases. Same thing as release strategy

9)  Mind map of project flow  = Same as time line



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