Transmedia Entertainment & Marketing

IBCoM: CM2052

Team 5: Part 3 – Business Plan

 List of platforms that we are going to use with a short description

–       Our core platform will be three interactive books. It will tell a story about Milton the moose (Froose’s mascot) and his journey to save an unknown town where all children are unhappy. The book will contain educational and entertaining activities for children and parents, e.g. memory games and puzzles. Some of the activities will be in collaboration with other media, thus transferring the audience to other platforms (e.g. the Internet). The story will be divided into three books with three different releases.

–       Before releasing the book, we will have an offline event to directly promote the book and new storyline of Milton’s adventures. This will take place in a big location where we will offer Froose’s beverages and snacks for a discounted price and testers for children and parents to try out. Parents can also get more information about the products and children can interact with the characters form the story, also a various number of fun and engaging activities will be planned to keep the children entertained.

–       We will have collectible toys in every sixth beverage package for the children to collect, portraying different characters with their favourite beverage or snack bag from Froose. This will be released together with the second book when children are more familiar with the characters.

–       A game constructed for tablets will be created. It will be called ‘Milton on Holiday’.

–       In the end we will release a board game (this would be an optimal way to expand our story when the users are aware of the world).

–       On the Internet we will extend the website with more information about the characters in Milton’s adventure, plus more information about the campaign and their new offerings, such as the book and game. We will also continue using Facebook but also creating Twitter to have a interface where adults can give feedback on the products of Froose and the experiences of their children with the new books and games. On the Internet we will also create a design competition for the children to engage in with the help of their parents.


Timeline for platform release




Offline event

Release event

March, 2013

Print media

Interactive book 1 + activities connected to it, such as website and Internet based tools

March, 2013


Design competition

May, 2013

Tablet Game


August, 2013

Print media

Interactive book 2 + activities connected to it + free level bonus in the tablet game if you buy the book

January, 2014


Character in beverage

January, 2014

Print media

Interactive book 3

August, 2014

Offline game

Board game

December, 2014




Platform release strategies

We will have a similar strategy that was presented by Kapoor (2012), with some tiny changes.

1)    Have paid (book) & free (release event) content available – the event is to build audiences (parents + kids).

2)    Release design competition to raise awareness & build audiences

3)    Attract the younger audience by offering games, toys, making them being engaged in the product and giving free level rewards for the game

4)    Release the board game when the audiences are being more familiar with the characters

5)    Work with the hardcore fans to spread word to casual audience.


List of finance & funding strategies

Even though Froose’s products are spread throughout the U.S, it is still a small and independent company. To be able to fund the desired transmedia campaign, funding from external resources will be required. To attract organizations and private persons’ to support Froose with funding, a few strategies have been created.


1)    We will create an engaging video where we will present our aim with the transmedia experience, where the raised money will go to and what the gain for others is to support us. According to Rubin (2011), founder of the crowdfunding platform ‘indiegogo’, a video receives 122 % more funding compare to funding projects which only uses text.

2)    We will also try to offer our funders an award, which will be in the form of a discount for smaller donations and a free of charge signed edition for larger donations.

3)    As one of Moneyocracy’s weaknesses was to work with the press and other writers, we will have a big emphasize on this. We will not only try to reach the press and magazines with our press releases, but also influential bloggers in the areas related to health, children and transmedia and make them understand why our project is interesting and relevant (Rubin, 2011). These activities should also be connected to our social media campaign, using Facebook and Twitter. In short, share the project to all different kinds of related channels with the aspiration to get more funding.

4)    We also want to be transparent, so will update about our funding process and give recognition to funders. We want to stay in contact with our funders and always respond to questions on different sites or in our email-boxes.

5)    We also want to raise our fund with a tight deadline (70 days) since it has proven to keep the members of the team striving for funding becomes more efficient and engaged as well as supporters have a better response to this (Rubin, 2011)


We will try to get funding via different channels, namely:

1)    Make use of crowdfunding since this has been an efficient way to get funding from people supporting and believing in the projects. E.g. ‘indiegogo’ or ‘kickstarter’. It will go on for 70 days.

2)    Organizations seeking to invest in transmedia projects, such as ‘Transmedia Capital’ that helps with funding for transmedia experiences including digital media (Transmedia Capital, n.d.).

3)    We also believe we can receive funding from health institutions, working to prevent obesity, such as the National Institutes of Health’s task force for obesity (National Institutes of Health, n.d.).

4)    Educational institution is probably also another way of getting funding since our transmedia project can be connected to research, both from a health perspective as well as children’s media use with conventional and new media.


We expect being financial sustainable 12 month after the release.




National Institutes of Health. (nd.) Obesity research. Retrieved from

Rubin, S. (2011). IndieGoGo founder: Crowdfunding tips for entrepreneurs on the hunt for cash. Hiffington Post. Retrieved from

Transmedia Capital. (n.d.). Investment and advisory. Retrieved from


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