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Team 7 Business Plan (In Progress)

Our main medium is film, where we will turn Nikki French’s novel Blue Monday into a movie of the psychological thriller genre. In order to get financing for the film we plan to work with big studios like Warner Bros and M&M, who have worked on other similar film projects. For the soundtrack of the film, we plan on approaching new unsigned musicians and offer them exposure in the film and soundtrack in exchange for their songs; we will also offer them a percentage of the royalties depending on our success at the box office.

Based on our analysis of HBO/Campfire’s business model for the release of the television series Game of Thrones, we have decided to utilize their use of social media in the campaign. HBO tried to capture the attention of fans from the original book and encouraged them to share their experience on various social networking sites. We plan to do the same, by making sure our marketing campaign is fully integrated with social media sites.

Our first promotional medium is an inter-active diary app, written by the main character in the book/movie -Frieda Klein. This diary will give users better insights into the mind and private life of Frieda. We plan to use a combination of pictures, text, audio clips and videos (using the actress who will play Klein in the film). Fans will also have the opportunity to tweet questions to Freida Klein’s twitter account and will be answered through the diary. All of the new posts in the diary will also be shared as links on Freida Klein’s official Facebook competition. We plan to get a coffee company such as Starbucks to sponsor the app. When a fan downloads the app they will receive a special discount for a coffee at Starbucks. We will also include some Starbucks product placement in the diary.

The second promotional medium is a poster design competition. This will be announced to fans on the Facebook page and the Diary; they will be invited, through a personal video from the actress of Freida Klein, to take part in a competition to design the promo poster for the film. The winner will get a VIP weekend in London at the premier of the film. This competition and prize will be sponsored by a hotel, the hotel will receive advertisement through the competition as well as the online diary. The poster design competition will be done in the form of a Facebook app, where pre selected images/backgrounds/texts can be mixed and matched by the users. The posters will be voted on by the public, fans can share their designs with their friends and families and ask them for their votes. 


2 comments on “Team 7 Business Plan (In Progress)

  1. ibcomtransmedia2012
    October 26, 2012

    Team 5 especially liked the idea of having a design competition for the poster. There will probably be a lot of people who will do this. However, since you already have pre selected images and backgrounds, they might almost all look the same thinking that lots of people will make a poster. Maybe they at least could be able to write their own copy or do you want to have pre selected things since you are afraid they will be misused?

    Keep up the good work!
    / Sandra, Armen & Ana, Team 5

  2. Group 1
    November 1, 2012

    We really like your ideas! Especially the diary application. We think it will gain a lot of interest as fans can express their feelings, and ask their questions themselves via twitter and then they can be answered via the application. This will add a personal aspect to the application and will definitely attract many fans.
    We were wondering why you chose Starbucks to sponsor the app. Is this because Starbucks is known to sponsor other products, because fans will want this app to get the discount or because Starbucks has a special relationship with your product?
    Great job guys. Good luck!

    Group 1 : Mathilde, Karim, Jamilla and Selma

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