Transmedia Entertainment & Marketing

IBCoM: CM2052

Team 2: Space Mikky On His Way! (step 3)

Step 3

For the new campaign of Milkyway we are going to use several platforms: smartphones (apps), Internet (online video games) and television (animation programs). We are also going to use an alternative reality game called the SpaceShuttle hunt, which is similar to the example given in class of the Heist of Audi. With this hunt, consumers can even win a ticket to space! The consumers will have to ‘’hunt’’ to win a ticket and this will really create loyal buyers, as they will feel connected with MilkyWay.

We have also created some user generated content. Users can really interact with the brand by competitions to combine new flavors with the regular MilkyWay. This will offer them a reward of recognition and a prize.
We will use these platforms to tell our transmedia story and use this story to entertain and educate our consumers and at the same time promote our products.


We will start our campaign just before Christmas, as sweets and chocolates are consumed a lot during the holidays. We hope this will immediately increase the sales of our product. The campaign starts with commercials and flasmobs to remind the audience about MilkyWay.

The launch of the online videogame is in January, together with the launch of the animated show for children. We will use the animated television show to promote the videogame and vice versa. This will make the people enthusiastic about the chocolate bar and curious what the rest of the campaign will bring. The videogame will introduce the audience with the story of our alien Mikky. This game will probably attract mostly children. The alternative reality game will start quickly after the release of the online videogame. This will attract an adult audience and there will instantly be a higher user involvement in the product. The target audience of the product is now very broad, as we have attracted children for the game and adults for the alternative reality game.

The App is mainly an extension of the videogame and will be released in February. People who are hooked with the online videogame can also play it on their smart phone, although the game is a bit different.

The main source of income to fund the distribution of MilkyWay is the current sales. However, with the new platforms new sources of income appears. The online videogame is a freemium game. Therefore consumers are able to buy extra attributes or get bonus levels. Also, codes on the packaging of the chocolate bars are given to increase the sales of MilkyWay. With these codes they can also get more attributes in games and so on.

We also offer our costumers merchandize, such as stuffed animals, cups to drink the MilkyWay chocolate drink, t-shirts, MilkyWay gadgets and many more.

The animated television show is also educational and this show also sells DVD’s and books. Parents can buy the whole educational series for their children!

For the SpaceShuttle hunt we will close a deal with Mr. Richard Branson. He will get 4% of our profit over 3 years in exchange for 2 places in one of his Virgin Galactic space shuttles and we will agree upon a joint venture.

Team 2 (Manon, Emmy, Pol & Lisanne)


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