Transmedia Entertainment & Marketing

IBCoM: CM2052

Weekly Assignment 1

Weekly Assignment 1- Analysis of a TM franchise


Pair Work

Analyze a TM franchise based on these questions:

    1. What was the primary medium and what other platforms were used?
    2. Did each platform contribute to the overall narrative? How?
    3. How was it launched?
    4. How successful was it?
    5. Why is this a good example of Transmedia?


Minimum words 500 (excl. References)


All: Upload on BB & bring a paper copy to class

Bloggers: Post your assignment on course blog.

Deadline Bloggers: Wednesday, 19.09.2012, 5pm

Others: Comment on at least 2 blog posts, individually- no comments in pairs

Deadline others: Friday, 21.09.2012, 12pm (Safe Assignment upload + Comments on at least 2 blog posts)


Practical Info:

Your assignment should contain at least 3 academic references.

Write a suitable title.

Follow the academic text structure-intro, body, conclusion, and references.

Write your name, student no., course code & name, word count on your assignment sheet.

Use same font, ink color etc. throughout the paper.

Try to be creative in your choice of TM franchise!


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