Transmedia Entertainment & Marketing

IBCoM: CM2052

Final Project


  • Teams of 4-5 people
  • Select a product (a film, television series, comic, consumer goods etc.) that you feel has the potential to become a successful transmedia franchise.
  • You can choose ONE from the following:
    • Mobilization Extension – focused on a social, political or cultural issue
    • Marketing extension – focused on a brand or extending an existing franchise
    • Entertainment Extension – focused on entertainment media (movie, comic etc.)
  • You will be looking for a property that has not yet added media extensions, or you could also look at a property that you feel is in need of a reboot.
  • You must have your TM property approved beforehand.


  • You will be “pitching” a complete TM franchise for this product.
  • Your TM franchise must have at least THREE extensions.
  • You will be creating at least ONE complete TM Storyworld for any one extension + preliminary plans for the others.
  • The pitch includes a 15-minute presentation and a 1500-word project report.
  • Pitch is presented to a panel of judges who will judge your pitch based on certain criteria.

Guidelines for pitches

  1. Each team should be broken into roles, for e.g. Producers, Creatives, and Techs etc. You will be required to be knowledgeable of each role.
  2. Pitches will at least 15 minutess in length and will be timed.
  3. Each team needs to develop pitch materials using interactive media (video,powerpoint, prezi, etc.)
  4. Creativity within pitching will be rewarded.
  5. Pitches are aimed as sales/ marketing presentations: stick to these strategies.


Your Concepts should include all elements of Project Guide handout: (either in Team Presentation or in Project Report) as well as these elements:

  • Time Lines (Development, Distribution, build a delivery schedule with overview of a phasing approach etc.)
  • Have a well-defined Budget
  • Be global
  • Reach a defined target audience
  • Your concept must
    •  utilize Mobile, Tablet, phone etc.
    • Have a web presence
    • Include a real world experience
    • Develop a Mindmap of how the project flows
    • user narrative
    • the architecture
    • the ecosystem


  • release strategy
  • develop a social strategy

Develop a pitch that embraces your “client”

Present possible business models and why

  • provide examples and apply them to your project / strategy

Explain how you plan to test the concept

Project Report

The Report should include all elements of Project Guide Handout including:

  1. the core defining properties of the media property
  2. a description of the intended audience(s) and what we know of its potential interests
  3. a discussion of the specific plans for each media platform you are going to deploy
  4. an overall description for how you will seek to integrate the different media platforms to create a coherent worls
  5. parallel examples of other properties which have deployed the strategies being described
  6. Breakdown of team member’s roles
  7. And the remaining of the above-mentioned Deliverables.

For a potential model for what such a Report might look like, see the transmedia bible template from Screen Australia, available here: Or visit: If you use either as a model, include only those segments of their Bible templates which make sense for your particular property and approach.



One comment on “Final Project

  1. ibcomtransmedia2012
    October 20, 2012

    Hello! Will we get help regarding a well defined budget? Sounds very difficult to be able to know what everything costs, especially if you are making a campaign that is not located in a country you are familiar with. Have absolutely no idea about costs, VAT or how to even be able to see production costs, employer, advertising etc. It would also require days to come up with this….Or will be be provided with a certain standard costs of this?

    Thanks in advance!

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