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IBCoM: CM2052

Group 1- Updates

Update week 6:

For the weekly assignment we analyzed the business model of Red Bull. We chose Red Bull, because it is a consumer product instead of a media product, just like our project’s Monkey King bracelets. We found that Red Bull’s marketing model is based on organizing real life events, that then are being reported in global, local, and specialized media (such as surf magazines, skate websites). This inspired us to incorporate this strategy in our marketing plan as well. Since Monkey King’s corporate values are strongly connected to an ‘East meets West’ ideology, we thought of using the current yoga trend as an inspiration. We were thinking of organizing large yoga seminars, given by famous yoga teachers, in big city parks around the world (think Vondelpark in Amsterdam and Central Park in New York). To appeal more to men, we thought of organizing martial arts events.

You might think now: what has all this to do with a bracelet? But the idea behind our marketing plan is not to have the bracelets as the center of attention, but to represent a lifestyle, connected to the brand Monkey King.


Update week 7:

This week we have decided upon our 3 transmedia extensions. We chose to go for (1) an Anime series, (2) an online RPG, and (3) a website with online lifestyle magazine. We want an Anime series, because a TV series is a nice way to portray the actual story of The Monkey King. However, we will be modernizing it and make the cultural references more comprehendible for Western audiences (this way they also learn about a different culture). We choose for Anime because this style is typical for Asia and because cartoons in the ‘Western world’, such as Family Guy and Southpark, prove that cartoons are appealing to an (young) adult audience.

Our online RPG will allow players to make their own avatar by choosing a stone (character) type, a profession (yoga novice, kung fu novice, etc), gender and appearance. They will walk through the world of Monkey King, where they have to complete quests, find objects, and find teachers to teach them their profession and gain experience points. By gaining, for example, kung fu experience points, the player will rise a level every time until he/she finally becomes a Kung Fu Master. The final stage is to find Monkey King and reach the level of Ultimate Master (or something like that).

The website will contain our web shop, practical information about the brand, and an online magazine. This magazine will contain articles about everything that is connected to the ‘Monkey King lifestyle’, such as healthy recipes, the latest yoga fashion, interviews with famous Monkey King wearers, and advertising for our partner Buddha Bar. The reader will be able to like and comment on separate articles, using their Facebook account. Also, we will incorporate videos and music in the magazine.


The upcoming week we will be elaborating on our Transmedia extensions and marketing plan!


2 comments on “Group 1- Updates

  1. group 2
    November 1, 2012

    Hi group 1,
    You are really making progress! I like the idea of the ”East meets West” and using yoga events to promote your product. Also, good job on the transmedia extensions. I think it is a smart idea to use an anime series for a media extension, as it is true that it can portray the story of The Monkey King well. You mention that Southpark and Family Guy are appealing to young audiences, does this mean you take this western cartoons as an example for your own Anime cartoon? Is it going to be in the same style and/or humor as these shows?
    I really like the idea of the game, it sounds like fun and it will probably attract consumers! Furthermore, the website sounds like a good way to promote the brand more. Are you also planning to promote the bracelet more on the website, because it is not really promoted that much in the game and in the anime show. I like the idea that you create a whole lifestyle that is connected to Monkey King, as people will feel connected to the brand. However, I think the website might be a good way to focus a little more on the products that you sell.
    Overall, good job!

    Group 2 (Manon, Emmy, Pol & Lisanne)

  2. ibcomtransmedia2012
    November 7, 2012

    Hello Group 1,
    First of all, Redbull has a really good business model and basing your business model on it is an excellent idea.
    Moreover, connecte Mokey King to an‘East meets West’ ideology is a good idea too. We like the idea to organize big events as Yoga in big parks…
    Finally, it is a good way to make the brand familiar and pleasant. You manage to “change” the bracelet (product) in a health symbol. Well done !
    Your transmedia seems really interesting.
    We are looking for transmedia extensions and marketing plan during the presentation.

    As the group 2 says : Good job !

    Group 5 (Armen, Sandra, Anaïs)

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