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Group 10- Updates

(This is the update we uploaded last weekend, unfortunately not categorized)

Up until now, we have met up a couple of times to discuss our transmedia project.
This week we want to finish answering the questions on the sheet we got handed out,
so that we can start working on the final presentation.

Seeing as we got some questions concerning the betting on contestants during the
Take me Out liveshows, we have decided to leave that part out and work on an
online game that reflects the television show, that will allow people to participate
in their own Take me Out. This game will be an application on the social network site:

The Take me Out social network will be a combination of both a social network and a game in one. The social network will be a collection of profiles of users, and a search engine that will provide the tools to look for people with certain characteristics. People will be able to communicate with one another both privately and publicly.
Then the game, is a reflection of the actual show. This holds that every game consists of three levels, that will bring the player further to its goal. There are two types of players: people that present themselves and people that choose. The people that choose of course have the advantage of being able to choose. The people that present themselves  however can earn credits by participating, that will later give them discounts or even a complete refund for dates, such as a menu for two persons in a romantic restaurant. This is one of the Call to Actions that will make people want to participate.
The game will run as following. After having filled in preferences, players will be put into a virtual ‘room’. Choosers have the ability to see their fellow choosers, as well as one picture, name and age of the person presenting him or herself. After having had 30 seconds to decide, choosers either leave the light on and continue participating, or decide to push the red button and leave the room. Then, round two. Round two gives the presenter the option to either upload a short video, or write a story about him or herself. Here again, choosers decide whether they want to leave the room or not. Then, in the final round, the presenter gets the chance to look at a picture, name and age of all choosers left, and then dismisses them until two are left. After this, he or she can ask the participants left a question, either multiple  choice or with a short open answer. Then, the presenter has to make the decision of choosing with which participant he or she wants to make contact.

We will meet again on friday to discuss the work that we divided and prepare the presentation.



One comment on “Group 10- Updates

  1. ibcomtransmedia2012
    October 30, 2012

    Hello group 10,

    We really like your idea of turning take me out in a game. Especially the fact that they can earn credits to get discounts on dates is very interesting (also for the participators). However, how the game works is still a little bit vague. For example, what will happen if participators do not react? Do they have a limited time to react/upload something?
    Keep up the good work!

    Group 4

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