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IBCoM: CM2052

Group 3- Updates

We want to create a transmedia franchise around the movie ‘Project X’ with a television show as main extension.

Some of our current ideas are:

  • A television show: this will be a kind of prank show, namely groups of friends who can prank one of their friends. The show will be aired on MTV since our targetgroup (youth) watch this channel.
  • A project X party kit: This kit includes for example a party game, drinks (sponsored by a brand like bacardi),
  • A big organized ‘project X’ party. This party will take place at an unknown so in order to get there, people have to find clues. This party will also be sponsored by big brands and MTV

At current we are working on our project report and the presentation. Most aspects are already covered.

For example, how will we air our main extension, the television show? We will make use of teasers, trigger points and the stop and go effect.

Our team is divided up into two teams:

Daniel & Chloe are working on the presentation pitch

Lyza & Elisa are working on the project plan

Some parts of the project guide:

1. Premise and Purpose

▪   What is the premise of the project; the core in a nutshell?

The movie ‘Project X’ was a big success among adolescents and because of this, we want to turn it into a transmedia franchise. We think that ‘Project X’ has a good potential to become a successful franchise because the movie created a lot of buzz around it.

▪   What is the USP?

The unique selling point of this project is the fact that many adolescents watched the movie ‘Project X’ and made them want to also organize a party of like this. In our project, these adolescents are given the opportunity to organize a similar party like in the movie and this makes it unique. Our project offers its audience an exclusive and unique experience (

▪   What is its fundamental purpose? to entertain? to teach or to market a product?

The fundamental purpose of this transmedia project is to entertainment the audience.

▪   What is the narrative core of the story?

The narrative core of the story is a party, organized by a group of friends, which accidently gets very big and crowded and gets out of hand.

▪   3 ways to express the “core” idea. Make use of three mediums to express the ideas using a different one for each.

  1. The first medium is television.
  2. The second medium is partykit
  3. The third medium is event

▪   What narrative techniques will be used? (Synergistic etc.)

The narrative technique that we will use is the synergistic narrative technique because the different extensions and projects do not necessarily connect to each other. In case of the television show, every episode is to a certain extent created by a different author. They all stand on their own.

The Promotion

Since the project mainly co-operates with MTV, there will be made use of MTV’s already existing promotion channels. On the different channels, there will be advertisement shown for the project. By doing this, the project does not need a lot of extra money on advertisement and promotion because it is already created and thus, it can be kept low budget. Also, since the project is sponsored by several brands, the program can be promoted on their channels and actual products as well and in turn; the project will make use of product placement of the sponsored brands. Thus, the television program, the Project X kit and the Project X party will all be promoted on the MTV channels and by the sponsoring brands as well as on the Facebook, Twitter and website of the Project X television program.

The budget

The main budget is provided by MTV because the project mainly co-operates with MTV. The budget that is made available for the project is 40.000 euros. The remaining part will be covered by sponsored brands, namely Bacardi, Spotify, Red Cup Company and Red Bull. The budget concerning the party;the revenue of the ticket sales will be put into the festival, the sponsors of the project will sponsor the festival as well, and MTV will air a compilation of the party at television. This compilation will also be sold as a DVD. For the party, some deals with additional sponsors will be made. For example, at the festival, people can buy ice cream of a sponsoring brand.

Release strategy/Timeline.


–       Start with competition and promotion.

–       Press release with information program

–       Website will be released same as twitter and Facebook

–       Exclusive content will be released on the Facebook page etc.

–       Promotion will be heavier with already some content as promotion.

–       Program will air.

–       During program in the middle of the season the Project X kit will be released.

–       Promotion of the Project X festival will be released same with date, poster and artists.

–       End of the season show will be aired were participations see the show back and will be interviewed.

–       Project X festival will be taking place.

Audience building

During this project, the audience will be build up in several ways. At first, by promoting the project and the competition. The competition gives people the chance to engage with the project and the unique experience. The people who are selected to participate in the show will engage more actively than the people, who are not. However, by releasing the Project X kit every consumer gets a chance to transfer the whole experience back to their own personal life and to engage with the project. Then, when the Project X party is promoted and at time of happening, people can choose whether they want to attend the party and if they want to re-live the experience of the movie. Thus, the project gets their audience excited at many different ways and gives them multiple different opportunities to engage with the project.


One comment on “Group 3- Updates

  1. ibcomtransmedia2012
    October 25, 2012

    Hey guys!

    really interesting idea , also after hearing your pitch in class and listened to the evaluation it was a good effort , you guys had some interesting approaches on how to execute your ideas appropriately, unfortunately from your update we didn’t get to see any detailed information on fulfilling the elements included in the project phases, on a constructive aspect maybe adding a work schedule would help you structure things, hope to see more of this!

    For now this definitely a good start! Good luck !

    Team 5 (Ana, Armen, Sandra)

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