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Group 4- Updates

Weekly Update: “Real Numb3rs”

  • As we are creating an ARG based on already existing serie Numb3rs, we will stick with the overall storyline of two brothers: an FBI agent and his genius brother, who are fighting the crimes in Los Angeles, CA.
  • The plot of ARG will revolve around FBI agent Don Eppes and his colleagues, who need help. Don’s brother Charlie went for a long term conference to Australia, thus he cannot help them anymore with solving crimes. This is when the viewers take part. Viewers/fans of the serie will have the opportunity to join the team of FBI and start helping them with solving crimes.
  • Players will have to solve the clues hiden in the videos, on the website, etc. By putting the clues together they will be able to solve the case.
  • On the website, they will have several subpages, which will aid them in the vasesolving process. They will be provided with FBI files, license plates, code generator, evidence folder, phone records and bank account reccords of the suspects.
  • Players will be guided through the game by boundaries we will create, so that they would not get lost in the game or get overly consumed by it. In every software they use, they will encounter with a small logical game which will either involve cracking a code, puzzle etc. The players will be rated by their time spent on each assignment, the faster they do it, the better. The “hint” button will be provided on the page, however with every hint they take, the timer puts 1min extra time.
  • The clues neccessary to crack the case will be hidden mostly in the webisodes/website itself, or they can be sent to them by sms or email.
  • webisodes – short online episodes which would carry an overalls tory which would be interconnected with the case of ARG. Webisodes also can be an interesting extra information for the fans who are not interested in playing games but they just want to be uodated about the story.
  • ARG
  • Applications – Players will have the opportunity to download an application which would carry extra cues for the cases.
  • Website – main connector of all the platforms we will be using. It will contain information not only for players but for fans of the serie too.
  • We decided to use the Strategy 1 model, as we feel that this would be very applicable to our particular case:
    1. Have paid content available – DVD or Pay‐to‐view episodes
    2.  Release free content to build audience – Web series
    3. ARG – Attract the hardcore audience
    4. Work with hardcore fans to spread word   Collaborative/co‐created  to casual audience
  • financing of the project would be mostly from pay-to-view features and application downloads
  • also, we would use product placement in both webisodes and game itself
  • finding sponsors/funding
  • As a starter, we were thinking of using billboards, posters around the city, advertisements in the newspapers, commercials on TV to create an initial buzz and raise questions and interest in the viewers.
    • billboards, posters, advertisements, & commercials will be very secretive – they would for instance say “Help us find him.” “He is gone.” “Have you seen this man?”
    • each of the outlets would include a link to our website where a countdown clock would be places until the game starts.
    • We would stop promoting right before the launch of the game to create more tension
  • we do hope that after the launch the word-of-the-mouth will be a strong promoting element of this project


  1. We will meet this weekend to discuss the case to the details. We will assess the main storyline of the first case + webisode.
  2. we will discuss the storyline of the spin-off n Numb3rs and will try to come up with an interesting yet innovative plot that would attract the viewers.
  3. Monika will create the graphics for the billboards, website, game, etc. so we would have an overall idea on how we want it to look like
  4. By Thursday, we are planning to finish writing the business pland and have a clear idea on finance strategies we want to use.
  5. We set an overall deadline to be done with the project by the end of the next weekend and after that we can go through it and try to find the shady parts of the project and improve them.



After todays meeting we decided on several issues we had within this project:


  1. Special Limited Edition DVD Box – As Numb3rs finished around year 2010, we decided to bring back the good old memories of this serie by introducing a limited edition DVD box with extra footage of behind the scene and not used footage/episodes
  2. Viral video – as the first case of the game starts with a footage of a security camera, we decided to bring the buzz by releasing the security video of kidnapping and share it on the internet. The video will contain a QR code in the end which redirects the user straight to the main website where the clock is ticking off
  3. Flyers, flyers, flyers – third step is to flyer the city – regular home made looking flyer with QR code to the video Saying we are missing a person.
  4. Ellen DeGeneres Show – we would like to enter the viral video to the Ellen show, which would raise even more discussion and buzz around the project
  5. Release of the ARG


  • Target audience is anybody above the age of 16
  • we are targeting either gamers or people who like to watch crime series
  • broad audience = more engagement = more revenue = more success


  • we decided that the winner with the best time in solving the case will receive a text message from the creators including a place,day and time of a meeting – surprise with all the protagonists
  • after he will collaborate on making a webisode – guest appearance

3 comments on “Group 4- Updates

  1. group 6
    October 23, 2012

    Hey guys, great work! I believe your idea is very nice and you are very well on your way.Your timeline is very realistic, and we believe you have put a lot of effort into this idea. We think your project is very well put togheter and look forward to seeing the end product.

  2. ibcomtransmedia2012
    October 25, 2012

    Hey guys!

    very extensive, good effort! Your idea does seem well thought through, you have incorporated all elements that are necessary to understand what your planning todo and when your are going to execute these deadlines!

    Also a positive point is building on a different concoction of platforms that interlink the stories and build on expanding the story.

    As this is a work in progress we do figure that with the coming updates more clarity will arise from finding creative ways on how to finance these projects!

    Team 5 (Ana, Armen Sandra)

  3. group 2
    November 2, 2012

    Hi group 4!
    I think you did a great job what you have done so far. The updates are well organized and clear.
    The idea of a ARG is a good extension for a show like Numb3rs. Fans would probably really enjoy to become a part of their favorite show by playing the game and it is a good way to attract more consumers.
    You are already on a good way with the time line, business model and marketing! I like the idea of being secretive in the commercials and other ads, as it will really make consumers curious what it is all about.

    I think you will do just fine with the final project! Good luck!

    Group 2 (Manon, Emmy, Pol & Lisanne)

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