Transmedia Entertainment & Marketing

IBCoM: CM2052

Group Work 3- Weekly Updates

Now that you all have your assigned groups and approved TM project, you can start working on your final project.

You are required to post weekly updates on your group’s progress. These post can cover:

  • Timeline of prep
  • weekly goals
  • what you planned, why?
  • what you managed, what you couldn’t etc.

@Group Leaders:

Each group posts these updates under their group page.

Group leaders co-ordinate with members. Please follow your GL’s instructions.

Each group comments on another 2 group’s weekly updates. (group members can take turns to comment etc., decide this with your group leader). Try to comment on at least all groups by the end of our term.
Ongoing work: starting this week. No deadline

Group gets graded, no individual grades.


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