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IBCoM: CM2052

Mission from the edge of space: How to get the whole world involved with an energy drink.

– BY KARIM RABBANI, SELMA VAN SLOBBE, MATHILDE SIMON & JAMILLA DE JONGE – The brand Red Bull was founded in 1987 by the Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz. Back then there … Continue reading

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Business Model: Game of Thrones

BY: Sofia Zemame, Ghezal Arian, Ellens Hensbergen & Veronica Åkerblad (Team 7) Game of Thrones is HBO’s top fantasy series that discusses the power struggles and secret liaisons of dynastic families … Continue reading

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Fourth Wall Studios: Dirty Work

Fourth Wall Studios is a company founded in 2007 in Culver City (USA) that produces transmedia stories. According to themselves, the company’s initial concept is to create “content that crosses … Continue reading

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Groupon – Business Model

Groupon is an ecommerce startup launched in 2008, that employs a “one deal a day” method. Its name stems from group coupons, and the website offers marked down gift cards … Continue reading

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An inspiring business: Moonbot Studios

In the upcoming weeks a business plan will be formed to boost Milkyway. Since the intention is to involve several media platforms and let Milkyway be an interactive story to … Continue reading

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Moneyocracy – “We’re doing this now, because the politics we believe in does not start with expensive TV Ads or extravaganzas…” (Team 5) Ana Lapieree, Armen Gevorkian, Sandra Wendell Moneyocracy What is Moneyocracy and what is its goal? The supreme courts decision on January 21, 2010 in the case Citizens … Continue reading

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ReGenesis Business Model

BY MONIKA, BILAL & LINDA To define the business plan for our Transmedia Extension Project for television series Numb3rs we decided to take a critical look on a similar extension product of … Continue reading

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Snapple, The Best Stuff on Earth.

In 1972, “the best stuff on earth” was invented; Snapple. Several dips and owners caused for the beverage to have to repeatedly recover its image. Recently, the business started a … Continue reading

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Group work 4: Business Model

Part 1 Find an interesting startup (TM campaign by a company) and breakdown what you think their biz model is. Try to find startups working in the TM or interactive … Continue reading

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Interactivity and clicking with or without a choice

Interactivity has become a big theme in the world of modern media. Today’s audiences want to be involved in what is shown to them and no longer be passive as … Continue reading

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