Transmedia Entertainment & Marketing

IBCoM: CM2052

Project Guide (Phases)

Phase 1: World building

1. Premise and Purpose

  • What is the premise of the project; the core in a nutshell?
  • What is the USP?
  • What is its fundamental purpose? to entertain? to teach or to market a product?

2. Narrative Structure

  • What is the narrative core of the story?
  • 3 ways to express the “core” idea. Make use of three mediums to express the ideas using a different one for each.
  • What narrative techniques will be used? (Synergistic etc.)

3. Narrative elements

  • What other TM narrative stories will be used? (Parallel stories etc.)
  • What is the storyline? (Burke’s pentad: plot,characters)?
  • What are the major events or challenges that the user deals with during the narrative?
  • Does the work utilize gaming elements? If so, describe the gameplay. What constitutes winning or losing?

4. Fictional World and Setting

  • What is the central fictional world where the project is set?
  • How is it divided geographically? What are its major settings, what do they look like, and how are they different from each other?
  • What challenges, dangers, or special pleasures are inherent to these worlds?

5. Medium, platform, and genre

  • What interactive medium or media is this work being made for?
  • What are the special strengths and limitations of this medium, and how will the product take advantage of these strengths and minimize these limitations?
  • What type of platforms (hardware) does it use? (PC, game console, mobile phone etc.?)
  • What genre (category of programming – ie a simulation, webisode or action game etc.) does the worlds fall into?
  • In what ways does this work contain the key characteristics of the genres used?

6. User’s role and POV

  • What character or role does the user play in this interactive environment?
  • What is the nature of this user’s agency? How does the user affect the outcome?
  • Through what POV does the user view this world: first-person, third-person, or a mixture of both?

7. Structure and Interface

  • What is the starting place in terms of the user’s experience and what are the possible end points?
  • How is the project structured? What are the major units of organization (i.e. modules or levels), and how many of them are there? What structural model is being used?
  • How does the user control the material and navigate through it? How can the user tell how well he or she is doing? Does the project make use of navigation bars, menus, icons, inventories, maps or other interface devices?


Phase 2: Branding & Marketing

8. Audience and Market

  • Who is the intended audience?
  • What type of entertainment do people in this group enjoy? How technically sophisticated are they?
  • Why would this project appeal to them?
  • What other projects like this exist, and how well are they doing?

9. User Engagement

  • What keeps the users engaged and why would they want to spend time with it?
  • What important goal is the user trying to accomplish by the end of this work?
  • What will make the user want to spend time accomplishing this goal?
  • What is the nature of the oppositional forces that the user encounters?
  • What adds tension to the experience? Are there any ticking clocks?
  • Is there a system of rewards and penalties?
  • What kind of meaningful interactivity is offered to the user, and does this interactively have a significant impact on the material?

10. Marketing Time Lines

  • Development
  • Distribution and Delivery schedule
  • Overview of phasing
  • Release strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Possible business models and why
  • Testing Strategies: to test the concept
  • Budget




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