Transmedia Entertainment & Marketing

IBCoM: CM2052

Team 5: Storytelling tools


The storytelling tools will be integrated with our core medium, the book (First book). It will be exercises/activities that the kids can make themselves or together with their parents.

Our first is storytelling tool used in the book is Storyrobe (
This is an application for iPhone and iPad. Thank to this tool people can make a story with pictures and videos. They can record their own voices to make it and they can also share it on this platform and on Youtube. As a result, parents and children could create a funny video about Milton’s adventures (in relation with books and/or video game). This way we could strengthen the relationship with the kids and e.g. their parents since the videos most likely need an adult present. It also makes them use their imagination and expand Milton’s world.

The second storytelling tool in our book that will be used is Comic Life (www.
People have to download this application on their computer, and is available for PC and Mac. With this tool, people can make their own comic strips with their own pictures or images. The goal would be that children, with parents’s help, could create their own comic-strip about the Milton’s adventures. The main rules are explained in the end of the book and on the Facebook fan page. The best comic-strip will be published in the second book. Here again, Froose would like to put forward the complicity between parents and kids and link it back to their products.

The third is storytelling tool in the book Nakshart (
When people go to this website, the program localizes your position. When it finds your position, you can observe different constellations and universe in the sky (above your position). We will adapt this site to Milton’s world where kids can explore his magical world and the towns that exists in his universe. It is really simple to use this application, that is why the children could have fun easily and can explore the world as much as they want.


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