Transmedia Entertainment & Marketing

IBCoM: CM2052

Weekly Assignment 2 (Pair work)

Weekly Assignment 2: World building

(Pair work)

Critically analyze THREE interactive projects on the National Film Board of Canada’s website.

Your analysis should include the following:

Short description of each project.

What are the elements of world building in the projects?
What are some specific unique aspects/components of each project?
What are the strengths & weaknesses of each project?

What are some narrative elements found in each? (e.g. characterization, collaboration, access, shared mood and atmosphere etc.)

How do you rate them in terms of success/failure? Why?

Minimum 500 words, excl. references.

Refer to lecture & readings in your analysis.


5 blogger teams will post their analysis on CB and BB. (Deadline: Wed, 10.10.2012, 5.00pm)


Upload assignment on BB.

Comment on at least 2 posts individually. (Deadline for both: Friday, 12.10.2012. 1.00pm)

Each team uploads their assignment on BB as well.

NFB website


Pine Point, Highrise, Bla bla.

Practical Info:

Your assignment should contain at least 3 academic references.

Write a suitable title.

Follow the academic text structure-intro, body, conclusion, and references.

Write your name, student no., course code & name, word count on your assignment sheet.

Bring paper copy to class.

Print double sides and staple your sheets.

Use same font, ink color etc. throughout the paper.


assignment 2-2012


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