Transmedia Entertainment & Marketing

IBCoM: CM2052

Group 5- Updates

Weekly update: Week 8 – November, 1st

Team 5 (Sandra Wendell, Armen Gevorkian, Anaïs Lapierre)

Last Friday we had some missing understanding about some details for our project. Consequently, Sandra asked Miss Kapoor about it during the course. Miss Kapoor gave us some advices and thanks to that, we could fill the emptyness and finish to complete the Phase 1 and the Phase 2. Then, all was clear so we distributed tasks to each member of the group and now everybody has to make his parts of the project. Most of us are done with our parts and the goal is to be finished with everything until Sunday.

Aims for Week 9

– We have to combine all our parts in the final projects and verify that it doesn’t miss anything.
– We have to met up to prepare the presentation that is to say creating the PowerPoint being clear on the main ideas of the project and preparing the script, to be comfortable during the oral presentation.


Weekly update: Week 7 – 25th of October

Weekly update – Team 5 (Ana Lapierre, Armen Gevorkian, Sandra Wendell)

We as a team have now come to the point where we have a very clear picture on how our transmedia experience is going to be executed and realized. We have successfully completed all deadlines mentioned in the previous update. A summary of what we have done.

Week 7

1) We are half ways through Phase 1 of our project where we have clearly outlined the premise and purpose of our initiative, the narrative structure and elements and it fictional world and setting.

2)We have developed a work schedule that clearly outlines all steps that have to be completed up until the final pitch of our project. Our team members have each a clear role and function in our group and are aware of the tasks they have to complete. Make a working-schedule for the weeks & days that are left before the deadline to have an overview of what has to be done. The tasks should also be divided. This schedule has to be done in the weekend or the beginning of the week. We believe it is very important to plan our work now since we soon has to be done and have lots of other things to do in school and leisure time.

3) We are on the verge of completing all points of our business plan. We took into consideration release strategies that have to be completed, in that sense what lines of our product should be released when and for what reason.

– Our core platform will be a three stage children’s book with implemented interactive elements that are entertaining, educative and informative of our product line in subtle manner.

– The complimenting platform will be a web-base application in the form of a game that is retrieved on all forms of tablets and smartphones (we are considering to make it online to save costs), this game(s) will address a parallel story with synergistic elements referred from the book, our company mascot taken out of the core storyline and put into a another context that adds value to the users experience.

– The additionally complimenting platform will be collectible items integrated directly with the core product (Juices & Snacks) in the form of small action figures or plastic coins to allow the users to generate more opportunities on how to relate to the storyline.

4) We explored some of the interactive storytelling tools and found some very interesting and appealing ones online.

Aims for Week 8

1)   Complete Phase 1 – Points 1.5, 1.6, 1.7

2)   Get as far as possible with Phase 2

–      Audience & Market

–      User Engagement

–      Marketing Timelines

3)   Project Report Deliverables & Pitch

–       Depending on how far we get but we intend to organize ourselves according to the milestones (larger tasks) completed in our work schedule.

–       Working on the pitch in the sense of structuring the PowerPoint and the script for our presentation looking at how to implement the most important elements of a pitch in a creative manner to push forward our ideas.

Weekly update: Week 6

What we have done before week 6

Up til now we decided to make a transmedia experience around a small company called Froose, which sells organic and healthy snacks and beverages for kids. The products are spread over the whole United States but the company is still small in size. It is owned and founded by parents who got tired of not seeing any healthy options for snacks and beverages to provide their kids with. We found this company very interesting since we believe these kinds of products will have a great potential for future business, but also important for the American society. Therefore we will make a transmedia experience targeted to kids to promote its products and a healthy diet.

We have done a S.W.O.T analysis to get to know the company more, the market they exist in and the offered products. We have also set the core values of our project as well as it premise and purpose and have brainstormed and concluded what our core idea of the project will be.

Week 6 – to Friday

This Tuesday we had a meeting to discuss our world, core platform and essential elements that have to exist in our project.

We have started to make research about children, to be able to create something entertaining and adaptable to this target. We will also see if we can find another recent transmedia experience to kids – if you know any, feel free to help us with inspiration by commenting the name of the transmedia experience.

Thursday this week we will me meeting up again, and then we all should have worked individually about the research mentioned above, thought about different platforms but also have done the parts that is for the assignment to this Friday. During Thursday we will also create our story line – our hero’s journey – for our core media platform (our core concept is already set).

We believe it is realistic to have this done until Friday. Actually, we would have wanted to make a working schedule already this week but we do not think we will have time to do this before Friday, therefore this will be done in the weekend/alt. beginning of next week (Monday).

Week 7 – for next Friday

1)    Finish and written down 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 & 1.4 in Phase 1: World Building, from the Project Guide

2)    Make a working-schedule for the weeks & days that are left before deadline to have an overview of what has to be done. The tasks should also be divided. This schedule has to be done in the weekend or the beginning of the week. We believe it is very important to plan our work now since we soon has to be done and have lots of other things to do in school and leisure time.

3)    Be done with our business plan

4)    Find at least one interactive storytelling tool posted on our blog and that has to be used in our TM campaign.

If we are done earlier with our tasks than planned so far, team members can start working on their assigned tasks for next week. This way we will have more time.


One comment on “Group 5- Updates

  1. Group 2
    October 26, 2012

    Hi group 5!

    Good work so far! It sounds like you have done most of the necessary research, and you know what your core story will be.
    I am curious what your business plan will look like.
    Also, I am curious about the interactive storytelling tools you found and which ones you might use in your own transmedia project!
    Lastly, it will be interesting to see how you will target this franchise to different audiences, and what tools you will be using to do this.
    But it is clear that you know what you have to do next, good luck!

    Group 2 (Manon, Lisanne, Pol & Emmy)

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