Transmedia Entertainment & Marketing

IBCoM: CM2052

Group 8 – Updates

Once upon a time, in a land far away, group 8 consisting of Charlotte Caspers, Isabelle Parqui Martinez, Thapasya Vijayaraghavan & Vivian Larbi (captain) decided to explore the opportunities that the US television show Once Upon A Time had to offer, for their transmedia-project.


Our project will consist of the following three extensions:

  • Games

We as a franchise are going to create several games whereby the audience can enter the fantasy world of Storybrooke. Through videogames, cardgames, boardgames and social media games the fans can create a fairytale world on its own.

  • Creating Awareness for Adoption

The storyline of Once Upon A Time shows how much family and familyvalues mean to people. With the influence we have we would like to create awareness for the people who would like to find and reunite with their family and other loved ones they may or may not know of.

  • Competition

Our third extention, which is the main extention that we will elaborate is the competition. With this competition the fans can engage actively with each of the episodes and may even help with creating new storylines for the series.



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