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IBCoM: CM2052

Group 6- Updates

Weekly update 1

The first week was brainstorming about our project and the first thing we all agreed on was creating a transmedia project around a non profit organization. We were thinking of either Greenpeace or WWF.

After much consideration we choose to start our transmedia project about Greenpeace since we would want to raise awareness about animals and the protection of the environment.

We have started writing the first phase of our project guide uptill the narrative elements.


Weekly update 2

Our initial idea to start a transmedia project about Greenpeace changed because we thought that our motives and direction of our project suited more with WWF because it specifically targets endagered species and their habitat.


Weekly update 3/4

This week we focussed on analyzing a business model and adapting this business model to our own project. We have dicided to go for Groupon because we were interested to know how their businessmodel work and if we could use their structure for our own businessmodel.

We have implemented elements from both Groupon as another company ‘’’’ to our own businessmodel and have come up with different market strategies. Groupon’s business model will be further analyzed and compared to the business model we created for WWF. In doing so, we will be able to identify potential gaps in WWF’s business model which will strengthen the operations of the organization as a whole. The most useful takeaway for us in this case would not be optimizing performance; rather we would like to segment our customer base in a way that is similar to Groupon. That way you really get to know your customers better and can then satisfy their needs in a more thorough fashion, so to say.


Weekly update 5/6

We have come up with three different interactive projects in which we want to stimulate interactivity and engagement with our audience. The main purpose for our projects is to attract donators and creating awareness amongst people.

We will use several social and media platforms to bring the issue to the attention.

We have divided the projects into a short-term and a long-term project. In each of the three projects there is the opportunity to see how the donated money will help save or reduce the catastrophe.


1.”Disaster project”

This project is based on the idea of responding quickly to a recent natural disaster. After a natural disaster has occured, people mostly do not know how they can help and to what extent their donation contributes to the disaster. Our goal is to guide people in how to react and respond effectively when a disaster occurs.

Our idea is to use both online and offline platforms to promote our project .

2.Adopt your own animal

People need to get more engaged with donating to WWF, audience wants a reward. By “ adopting” the animal of your choice the audience will get more involved in the process and knows why he or she is spending the money.

Outline –
We will launch different projects divided into three categories: wildlife/sea animals/domestic animals.
After making a choice, people can look into the different projects we currently have active in the category. After choosing a specific project/animal, you can choose how much you want to donate every month and what that amount does. Every category will have his own Transmedia project.

3.Pitching your own project

This project will be focussing on stimulating people to start their own project in saving animals or protecting the environment. People who are interesting in starting up their own project but do not have the tools to realize it, can pitch their project on the WWF website in which people could vote and give money for what they think is the best project. This way people can actually fund the project they feel most associated with and the best one is examined by experts to make it more feasible and coherent.


Weekly update 7

After discussing our project with ms Kapoor we have found out that we werent fully aware of what a transmedia process looked like. That is why we have changed our entire structure and actually implemented transmedia elements in our project.

Our project still focusses on WWF, but in stead of creating three interactive projects we have come up with a transmedia chain to create a full transmedia experience.

We have created a transmedia flow chart covering our plans and targets and these are the steps;

Step 1

– Advertisements featuring endangered species and a countdown of how many are left in the world.

– Choose animals that are more well-known so people will sympathize more.

– These posters will feature a QR-code in which people can be directed to our website.

 Step 2

–         The QR-code will be linked to a video-clip of the animal showed on the advertisement.

–         After watching the video you are taken to a platform with a list of endangered species and what you can do to help

–         World map and you can browse with the mouse and see what regions around the world are more affected and why

 Step 3

–         We will create postcards covering all elements shown on the posters.

–         These postcards are located in every coffee stand, shop and other public places in the city. When someone finds one, a link on the back is provided where he or she can find clues as to where to go next.

–         When collected all postcards, this will unlock an invitation to an animal exhibition.

Step 4

Stimulating interacticity by creating interactive games.

–         Per endangered animal, we will have a separate site.

–         These games are to show the people how important it is to keep those animals, and how these animals are taken for granted in our daily lives.

–         Which animal are you? Quiz to show which endangered animal you resemble.

–         Blogs/twitter/facebook where users can share stories/pictures and experiences.

Step 5

Exhibition and World animal day

–         Invite people to come to an exhibition near them

–         Part of the exhibition is interactive – your own reason why animals should stay.

–         Bring a memory to that animal Tiger plushie/tiger pyama

–         Write a story about that animal First time I saw….

World animal day -> worldwide day to shine a light on endangered animals

 Weekly update 8

 This is our workplan for this upcoming week.


Friday (finalize storyline, make sure everything is ready for pitch –> ppts and report)

– Timeline

– Storytelling and transmedia element put into words (using terminology from slides)

– Prototypes must be made

– Define different platforms on which to feature our media products

– Consider contemporary marketing and release strategies and decide which one would be most suitable for our transmedia extension


One comment on “Group 6- Updates

  1. ibcomtransmedia2012
    November 7, 2012

    Hello Group 6,

    That is an interesting idea to talk about WWF. It is an important cause, in doing so you should have a lots of thing to do and to say about it.
    Moreover, we noticed, when we read your first update that you were not on the right way. Fortunately, you rectified that. Now, you work on a transmedia chain and that is really good.
    There are a lot of good elements in your transmedia flow.
    Now, we are looking for the strategies, we will see it during the presentation.

    Good job.

    Group 5 (Arman, Sandra, Anaïs)

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